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Name  Job Title/Discipline Qualifications, Courses and Memberships

Derek Holmes

Vendor Quality Practitioner - Project Management - Expediting - Inspection and Quality Control  Technicians Course T2
Lead Assessor Course (ISO 9000) 1994 
Internal Quality Auditor Training 1992
Member of the Chartered Management Institute
Fellow of the International Association of Quality Practitioners 1998

Derek Adams

QA/QC Project Engineer, ASNT L.3 Bsc.Hons.Open University
CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector
ASNT Level 3 Radiography
ASNT Level 3 Mag. Particle
ASNT Level 3 Dye Penetrant
ASNT Level 3 Ultrasonics
Member of the American Society of NDT

John Nugent 

Expeditor /Senior Welding Inspector / Site Representative / Vendor Inspector Member of the Institute of Quality  Assurance
CSWIP 3.2 Senior Welding Inspector ref. SW02289

Martin Thompson 

Coatings Inspector/Supervisor/Manger · British Gas Approvals - Site Coatings, No. 3840 valid to June 1997.
· I. Corr. Tech -  Site coatings no 173 valid to June 2007
· G.C.E "O" Level Mathematics, Additional Maths, English Lang., English Lit., Geography, Physics and Chemistry.
· G.C.E "A" Level Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

William Frost

Lifting Equipment Inspection Engineer · City and Guilds : Mechanical Engineering· Engineering Industry Training Centre : I.T.B.First year training certificate
· L.E.E.A : Part 1 Group 1
· L.E.E.A : Part 1 Group 2
· ASNT : Level II M.P.I.
· Varco BJ Module one-rig site M.P.I of Varco BJ Products (CASTINGS)
· RGIT Survival Course
· Offshore medical
· Offshore vantage card

Andrew McIntyre

QA/QC Engineer · B.Sc
· CSWIP 3-2 Senior Welding Inspector 
· PCN Level 3 Senior Welding Inspector
· European Welding Inspector - Grade 4
· NEBOSH HSE Course (Dec 03)
· RTD Rotascan Course
· RD Tech Phased Array Auto UT Course 
· Genesis Auto UT Training Course
· ASNT II DNV Certified Phased Array AUT 
· CSWIP AUT Phased Array 
· PCN & CSWIP level 2 Ultrasonic To 3.9
· PCN & CSWIP level 2 MPI 
· PCN & CSWIP level 2 DPI 
· ASNT II UT Forging & Casting
· ASNT level 2 Radiography 
· ASNT level 2 Radiography Interpretation
· City & Guilds - Basic Engineering
· City & Guilds - Aeronautical Engineering

Anthony Down

Client's Representative
Senior Level 3 Inspector
Bureau Veritas (U.K) approved level 2 surveyor (Mech.)
C.S.W.I.P 3.4U Underwater Inspection Controller
C.S.W.I.P 3.2 Senior Welding Inspector.
C.S.W.I.P. Level 2/Lloyds A.C.F.M. Operator.
C.S.W.I.P. Phased Array (AUT) Data interpreter.
P.C.N. Level 3 Industrial Radiography.
PCN Level 3 Ultrasonics (Welds)
PCN Level 3 Magnetic Particle Inspection (Welds, castings & forgings)
PCN Level 3 Dye penetrant inspection (Welds, castings & forgings)
P.C.N. Level 2 Industrial Radiographer.
P.C.N. Level 2 Ultra Sonics Plate, Pipe, Nozzle & Node.
P.C.N. Level 2 Magnetic Particle Inspection.
P.C.N. Level 2 Dye Penetrant Inspection.
P.C.N. Level 2 Eddy Current Inspection.
B.G.A.S. Welding Inspector. 
B.G.A.S. Radiographer.
B.G.A.S. Ultrasonic Operator.
B.G.A.S. Site Coatings Inspector.
B.G.A.S. Magnetic Particle Inspector.
Quality Assurance Internal Assessor.
N.R.P.B. 3-Day R.P.S. Course and Exam Pass.
5 Day Course Off Shore Survival and Fire Fighting 
Clandon Y.S.I. Metascope Course.
Member of the British Institute of N.D.T.

Andrew Zane Wilson

QA/QC Inspection Engineer B.Sc Hon.Q.A. Engineer.
Lead Auditor ISO 9001/2000 
CSWIP Snr Welding Inspector 3.1 3.2
E.W.F Welding Inspection Specialist
I.I.W International Welding Inspector
T.W.I Reg. Snr. Welding Inspector
E.W.F. Welding Specialist 3.0 4.0
P.C.N Level 2 MT, PT, RT, RI, UT 3.1 3.2 3.8 3.9
CSWIP Level 2 MT, PT, RT, RI, UT 3.1 3.2 3.8 3.9
EN-473 Level 2 MT, PT, RT, RI, UT Plate, Pipe, Nozzle and Node 
A.C.C.P Level 2 MT, PT, RT, RI, UT Plate, Pipe, Nozzle and Node 
A.S.N.T Level 2 MT, PT, RT, RI, UT Plate, Pipe, Nozzle and Node + AUT Interpretation
A.P.I R.P 2X Level 2 MT, UT . T K Y Offshore Structures
AUT Interpretation Cert. Pipe Wizard Phased Array
PCN Level 3 Basic completed May 2004
Various Safety including : R.P.S Radiation Safety Certificate and A.D.R - C&G Cert. Transportation of Dangerous Goods. 
Studying for PCN L 3 - MT, PT, UT , RT. + R.P.A. + EWF Welding Engineer.


Brian Lamb


QC Welding / Coatings / Senior Pipeline Inspector CSWIP  3.1 Welding Inspector.
EWF - European Welding Inspection Practitioner 
B.Gas. - CSWIP Pipeline Inspector: 
Welding Inspector, Site Coatings Inspector, Radiographer, Ultrasonic (Plate) and MPI.
Confined entry space certificate

Des Johnson

Welding/Coatings Inspector Apprentice Trained Welder.
City & Guilds Int. Welding Theory & Technology.
British Gas / Transco Inspector. ERS Welding & Site Coatings.
GKN Lincoln Electric. UK. API & ASME Welding Technology.

Paul Mather

Inspection Engineer/Surveyor 
*Lifting Equipment 
*Vendor Inspection
City & Guilds Aeronautical Engineering Parts I,2,3&4
HNC Production Engineering.
ICS Diploma Electrical Eng.
LEEA Part 1 Groups 1 & 2.
H2S. Breathing Apparatus Course 1997.
Potain Certificate of Supervisor Erector.
Trained as Internal Auditor, Lead Auditor for ISO 9000 Series Quality Standards
Cassells Course in CoSHH Inspection and Competency.
ASNT Level II, Magnetic Particle Inspection.

 Robert Mitchell

Ultrasonic Technician PCN Level II 3.9/IRATA L.1 PCN: Ultrasonics Level II: Welds: 3.1, 3.2, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
Critical Defect Sizing: (W)
Magnetic Particle Inspection Level II. (HV)
I.R.A.T.A. Level 1 Rope Access.
VVA1 Basic Safety Passport. 

Michael Watson

Paint and Coatings Inspector  British Gas Painting Inspector
British Gas Site Coatings Inspector
ICorr Painting Inspector
ICorr Pipeline Coatings Inspector
Associate Member of Nace
Associate Member of ICorr

Pat Bryant

Crane Inspector /Service Engineer  C.I.T.B. approved and trained, fully competent to issue F96. Crane operators license to operate in six categories C.I.T.B.#00357620/1 


OCTG Inspection Supervisor/ Consultant ASNT level 2 UT,MPI, Sonoscope, Amalog-EMI 


OCTG Inspector/ Supervisor ASNT level 2 MPI, EMI, Sonoscope,

David Tennant

Welding Supervisor/ Instructor
bulletAdvanced Welding and Engineering Certificate
bulletSaudi Aramco Certified Instructor

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