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Convenient list of check items for each traveler to print off and use as part of travel planning. 

bulletPassport validation - Note - some visa applications require your passport o be valid for a minimum period of six months.
bulletVisas received and stamped correctly
bulletVaccination certificate valid for period of stay.
bulletExtra passport photos for ID badges and visa extensions
bulletTravel reservations flight, train, ferry, coach, hire car
bulletSeats reserved
bulletTickets received
bulletAirport parking
bulletHotel reservations
bulletTravelers cheques, currency, cash, credit cards
bulletCollection arrangements on arrival at destination
bulletDestination phone number and contact name for emergencies
bulletBusiness equipment, supplies, brochures, paperwork, giveaways etc
bulletCustoms documents/arrangements for equipment/materials carried
bulletLuggage suitable for the trip, complete with ID tags
bulletMeetings and appointments made and confirmed.
bulletSpecific clothing required for trip
bulletMedicines, malaria tablets
bulletCommunications/ Mobile phone, Internet connection, phone card, email forwarding
bulletBusiness cards 
bulletInsurance cover, travel, medical, money, luggage, equipment
bulletSun glasses, sun cream, swim or other exercise wear
bulletRelaxation/reading materials, personal stereo etc
bulletBirthdays, anniversaries, mother/fathers day arrangements covered
bulletArrangements for paying bills during absence
bulletMilk, Newspapers and any expected visitors cancelled 
bulletAny lawn or garden care or window cleaner requirements covered or cancelled
bulletNeighborhood watch and or Burglar Alarm Key holder, advised 
bulletArrangements for pets
bulletKeys left with:
bulletContact details left with:
bulletDeparture taxi arranged     date:                         time:
bulletReturn collection     date:                            time:
bulletNotes :






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