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Inspectors-on-line is an Internet focused privately owned limited company providing recruitment support services to the inspection industry.

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Mission Statement

The mission of inspectors-on-line is to create an efficient internet communications platform to link inspectors and employers.

To provide the inspection industry with the best recruitment support services site on the World Wide Web. 

Company Profile

Experience has shown that the key to a successful project is finding the right inspector for the job. 

A trained quality minded inspector confident of his skill and tuned into the project will prevent defects rather than just find them. He can be the difference between the project being delayed or completed on time and he can significantly reduce operating costs by preventing the need for costly repairs or failures, just by being proactive and communicating effectively with the project management team.

Inspectors who move around a lot, gain a broad and varied range of experiences, however this mobility means it is not always easy to get hold of a tried and trusted inspector when you need him. The internet will help us to reduce this problem. 

Communications technology has developed to the stage where mail messages can be sent to the mobile phone, making it  possible to reach an inspector within seconds. By adding availability notices for each inspector to his on-line CV it will make it easier to plan projects and get the right man for the job when he is needed.

The aim of Inspectors-on-line is to create an efficient and effective link between inspectors and employers. Inspectors are encouraged to register their CV's online for employers to view and make contact via the internet. 

The obvious benefits are for an employer to be able to instantly select inspectors according to criteria such as qualifications and experience and for the inspector to view a list of job vacancies that are presented on-line. This will remove mountains of administrative paperwork and cut down postage and phone call costs. A simple click on-line will give a list of people looking for work, their qualifications and the dates when they are available.

The internet is a practical and effective method of linking inspectors and employers together however it is relatively new so it will take time to develop to the stage where every inspector and employer is using it.  As more and more inspectors adopt this technology, the data base and the benefits for both inspectors and employers will grow. 

Constructive suggestions and criticism of this site are welcome so feel free to enter your comments by selecting the feedback button.  Your comments will help us improve our services and determine if the site is meeting your requirements and our objectives. 

Thanks for visiting the Inspectors-on-line web site.

Contact Information


A convenient email link is available here and at the foot of every page of the web site.

Postal address

inspectors-on-line Limited,  Albury Mill,  Mill lane,  Chilworth,  Guildford,  Surrey,  GU4 8TR


In the interest of creating a record of all communications, we encourage the use of email whenever possible. 

Phone:     From within the UK :  01483 - 202099,    From locations outside the UK : 44 - 1483 - 202099

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