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The inspectors-on-line web site is available for inspectors to use no matter where they live around the world, certain information however may only be useful to those who reside in the UK. 

Inspectors-on-line offer certain of it's web site services free of charge and, in good faith, attempt to maintain good standards in their provision, nonetheless users of these services and the information contained in or obtained through use of this site and it's links, do so entirely at their own risk. 

Inspectors-on-line offer it's services on the basis of good faith opinion only, no guarantee or warranties are expressed or implied and any liability will be limited to the charges made by inspectors-on-line for the service supplied. Inspectors-on-line accept no liability for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect or consequential, including profit or non profit. 

Users and visitors to the site acknowledge and agree that all rights including copyright, database rights and any proprietary rights shall remain the property of Inspectors-on-line Limited. Any material and information received by the user through access to the site shall be for their information and private use only and shall not be copied, reprocessed, transmitted, redistributed or used for commercial purposes. 

Inspectors-on-line reserve the exclusive right to change the structure and content, including, features, prices, links, information and terms and conditions displayed on this site at any time. We will attempt, without obligation, to give reasonable notice of any changes however regular visitors and users of the site should  review these terms and conditions to keep themselves informed of any changes.

Subscribers to or users of the Personal Web Pages do so on the understanding that Inspectors-on-line reserve the right to refuse display or entry of any data, text or image that it considers unsuitable or unacceptable.

Any attack, misuse or unauthorised entry into areas of the inspectors-on-line web site will result in legal prosecution. Attack and misuse shall mean any use or action that alters, removes, degrades or inhibits the functioning, content, image, quality and structure of the web site, or abuses free entry of data, including but not limited to use of profane and offensive language, attachment, entry or introduction of viruses, mole programs or other data disrupting devices or instructions, alteration of html, text or images, unsolicited contact of subscribers or other site users and visitors, entry of pyramid or email chain letters,  submission of misinformation, lies and libelous or defamatory remarks, statements or information, bogus cv's,  inflammatory, racial, hateful, threatening or abusive entries, unauthorised posting of personal, religious, charitable, club or business information, logos or images or any material that infringes copyright or use of trademark laws or reveals trade secrets. 

The information you supply to Inspectors-on-line will be used only for the purpose of conducting it's business i.e. to provide responses and services to you. Inspectors-on-line will observe your right to privacy and make every effort, in accordance with the laws of England and Wales to protect the information you give to us. 

The web site is protected however Inspectors-on-line offer no guarantees or warranties that the web site will operate error or virus free. The site is available for use on an as-is basis only. 

The company and this web site are subject to the laws of England and Wales, any legal matters or action involving Inspectors-on-line Limited shall be subject to these laws and held exclusively within English courts.

Companies and individuals should only use the Inspectors-on-line web site and services if they accept, without reservation, these terms and conditions.

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