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Select from the links below to connect to these technical organisations       

bullet  American Petroleum Institute  American Society for Non Destructive Testing  International Rope Access Trade Association National Association of Corrosion Engineers  The Welding Institute American Society of Mechanical engineers American Welding Society American Society for Testing and Materials American National Standards Institute  Online specifications  Society of Petroleum Engineers  International Pipe Inspectors Association  International Association of Electrical Inspectors  Institute of Electrical Engineers Institute of Mechanical Engineers Refinery technology online International Atomic Energy Agency British Standards Institute  British Institute of Non Destructive Testing  Lifting Equipment Engineers Association  T H Hill Associates Inspection Consultants OCTG Procter Inspection Consultants British Gas Technology/Advantica Environment Agency Health and Safety Institute of corrosion International Register of Certified Auditors Institute of Quality Assurance Quality Management International

Companies or Organisations who would like their name and web site connection added to the above list are invited to contact us by using the feedback form or the Email address below. 

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