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Please enter details below of your experience and qualifications and the date you are available. To protect your privacy only these details along with your first name will be published on the world wide web for employers to read and make contact. This service is free of charge and there is no obligation to take any employment that is offered to you. You will also receive regular notification of job vacancies by Email. 

If you make a mistake while completing the form simply click on the 'CLEAR FORM' button at the foot of the page and start again. When you have completed the form click on the 'SUBMIT CV' button and you will have the opportunity to check your entries.

Select each of the following - for which you are qualified or wish to be considered: 

Note : To select more than one discipline hold down your Ctrl key on your key board and with your mouse click on each of your choices


If Other chosen give detail or title - Inspector 

Select the appropriate number of years of experience 


Enter list of Inspection Qualifications only,  

Example : ASNT L2 RT,UT

Enter Other Relevant Qualifications

Examples : Radiation Protection Supervisor or Offshore Survival Certificate etc.

Enter the Date when you will be Available to start work.

Example = day/month/year - 06/03/2001   

Note :  When you get employment give us the next date you will be available, employers can then offer you work to coincide with the end of your contract . Use the CV update form or simply send us an email. This will help us to help you keep working.

Please provide the following Contact Details for Inspectors-on-line to use in contacting you with regard to employment opportunities, only your name and email address will be published on the web :

First Name
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To assist companies in choosing inspectors within a particular area (i.e. close to their work site), please give your Location (the name of the town/city or the area where you live or work). Enter the word 'any' if you are a roving inspector and enter the country if you are outside the U.K. Enter your town and 'any' to cover all possibilities. ie any/manchester.


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