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Name : Martin Thompson       Nationality : British       Born : March 1950                 

Home Address : Humberside, UK      Email :

Qualified Coatings Inspector with more than 30 years experience working in several parts of the world including Europe, USA, West Africa and The Middle East. Successful, highly motivated and having management experience, ideally suited to perform a supervisory or senior role or happy to report to management and play a part in the team effort.

A skilled written and oral communicator, able to lead a multi-national team. Experienced at working in difficult and remote locations and managing operations with minimal supervision from head office.

Enquiries : Please click on the email link above.

 Education, Qualifications and Training:


· Royal Wanstead School, Snaresbrook, London E11
· G.C.E "O" Level Mathematics, Additional Maths, English Lang., English Lit., Geography, Physics and Chemistry.
· G.C.E "A" Level Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

Industry training

· British Gas Approvals - Site Coatings, No. 3840 valid to June 1997.
· I. Corr. Tech -  Site coatings no 173 valid to June 2007

Experienced with the following Coatings :

·          Coal tar enamel ·          Slipcote  ·          Fireproofing

·          Bitumen enamel

·          Fusion bonded epoxy ·          Tapes  
·          Zinc spraying  

·          Concrete weight coating

·          Neoprene
·          Metal Spraying (Arc) ·          Internal mortar spin lining        ·          Urethane Tar
·          Flame spray polypropylene ·          Insulation (hot,cold and acoustic) ·          Glass Flake
·          3 Layer Polypropylene ·          3 layer Polyethylene ·          Shrink sleeves

Career History :

Jan 2004 – ongoing

Moody International (UAE)

1. Site representative for the 3 layer polypropylene and concrete weight coating of 450 Kms. Line pipe for Technip/ADCO, with various diameters and wall thickness’. Activities included coating inspection, lab testing of all mechanical tests and review of Data Books whilst based at NPCC Abu Dhabi.

2. Coating specialist for AGIPKCO/KBR barges in Dubai Drydocks, covering painting and insulation.

3. Coating specialist for Agip KCO/KBR concrete weight coating of line pipe based in Kyruk, Kazakhstan, and shrink sleeve application on pipeline at Karabatan, Kazakhstan.

Oct 2003 – Dec 2003

Worrall Lees Associates

Corus site manager for 3-layer coating of 16” line pipe for Gaz De France, based in Maasluis, Holland.

Mar 2003 – Sept 2003

G+H Gulf (Qatar)

QC Manager for painting sub-contractor. Main project was Common Cooling Water for CCIC. Applied coating was Glass Flake lining of water line with various diameters from 1200mm to 2825mm.

Jan 2003 – Mar 2003

Worrall Lees Associates

Corus Site Manager, for 3-layer polyethylene and polypropylene coating of 8” and 14” line pipe, for Fluxys SA, Belgium. Whilst based at Rhenania in Nijmegen Holland. 

Sept 2002 – Dec 2002

G+H Gulf (Qatar)

Senior QC inspector for painting sub-contractor, painting of pipeline internals, using spin blaster and spray machine, applying glass flake to 2.225 m OD pipeline.

May 2002 – Aug 2002

Worrall Lees Associates. UK

Site Manager for Corus Tubes based in various locations around UK. Coatings included 3 -layer polypropylene, neoprene and concrete weight coat.

Aug 2001 – Mar 2002

AOQC Moody International, Abu Dhabi

1 - Coating specialist for Valentine Maritime. Coating 36” line pipe with Fusion bonded epoxy, an anti slip coat and full concrete coating. All associated testing including ‘Push off” test to confirm no movement of the concrete coating on pipe.

2 - Painting/insulation/fireproofing specialist for Phillips Australia on their Bayu Undan Glycol Recycling project skid, based at Gulf Piping Co. (sub-vendor) in Abu Dhabi.

May 2001 – Aug 2000

O’Neill Project Services

Member of QC team, based in Alabama USA, responsible for field joint coatings, at Stena reel base. Project was Seahawk for Williams.

March 1999 – April 2001

AOQC Moody International, Abu Dhabi

Member of PMT, responsible for: review of specifications, method statements, procedures and material approval, Co ordination between main contractor and Company with regard to Painting, hot, cold, acoustic and foam insulation, fireproofing, Metal Arc Spraying and underground pipe coatings (3 layer polyethylene). The project is a 1.3 billion US$ upgrade and extension of a gas and sulphur recovery unit. 3 gas treatment trains, 3 sulphur recovery units and utilities. Coating and installation of 120 km 42” sales gas pipeline. Shut down and tie in works to vessels and tank refurbishment. 

Jan. - Feb. 1999

Moody International (Aberdeen)

Load out inspector, based in Denmark and Norway, for E.M.C. 

Nov. – Dec 1998

Marchfield Engineering (Resources) Ltd.     

Coating Supervisor for NGC of Trinidad and Tobago. Fusion Bonded Epoxy of 36” line pipe based in Columbia

Jan 1996 – Oct 1998

AOQC Moody International, Abu Dhabi UAE

Member of various PMT’s on the following projects:

a) 3 layer polyethylene and polypropylene pipeline coatings (NPCC Abu Dhabi).

b) Internal mortar lining of water pipeline (W.E.D. Abu Dhabi).

c) Coating of pipeline previously coated with FBE with concrete weight coating (Enron India Tapti/Panna project).

d) Load out of concrete coated pipe and logistic support to lay barge.

e) Senior Inspector, coal tar and concrete coating of line pipe and Neoprene coating of Riser pipe. Confirmation of as-built documentation packages. (Occidental of Qatar).

f) Coating of line pipe with Fusion bonded epoxy and concrete and Neoprene coating of Riser pipe (Saipem Qatar)

Feb 1995 - Nov 1995

Gulf Petrochemical Services                                                         

Member of PMT for ADCO Thamama "C" & "F" Project, coating of 3.5" - 16" field joints with 3 layer polypropylene system. Using FBE, adhesive and co-extruded polypropylene sheet. Field Inspection trenching, laying of line pipe and backfill.

Feb 1994 - Jan 1995

Moody Tottrup Gulf

Member of ADNOC PMT responsible for inspection of 3 layer polyethylene coating, repairs to coating using Raychem patches and Shrink Sleeves cutting and refacing damaged steel, load out of coated pipe and associated documentation. Projects were for ADNOC   Bab-Maqta-Taweelah (20", 30", 36" & 42"), ADNOC Mirfa (24") and ADCO Onshore Gas Development Project No. 545 (16"). 

Sept. 1993 - Dec 1993

Moody International

Inspection of Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated bends, flanges, line pipe and ancillary parts for Shell Nelson Project. Load in and out of same and concrete weight coating inspection in yard and at load out at Universal Pipe Coaters Ltd., Immingham.

Feb 1992 – Nov 1992

O'Neill Ltd.

Materials control inspector controlling pipeline materials including pipe, flanges, bends and different coatings consigned to site for Texaco Strathspey and Conoco Lyle projects at Stena Offshore base in Evanton Scotland. 

July 1991 - Oct 1991

Senior Field Coating/Backfill Inspector for B.P.A.

Modification of existing fuel lines for M.o.D. Materials used included cold applied tapes and C.T.E. to bare line pipe and reinstatement of agricultural land.

Jan 1983 - July 1991

Formed own Company Humberside Inspection Services

Employing 3 to 7 Inspectors on short-term contracts. 

Personnel Contracts

July -1991 - July 1991

Personnel Contracts Spencer and Partners

Repairs to bare and coated line pipe at Immingham Pipe coaters for Jubal Oil.

July 1986

Spencer and Partners

Inspection of F.B.E coated bends and ancillary items for Shell. 

March 1986 - July 1986

John Brown Engineers & Contractors   

Clients’ representative for Hyundai Heavy Industries, responsible for application of extruded neoprene and anti fouling baria coat on splash zone of offshore riser pipe. 

Aug 1985

British Pipe Coaters Ltd. Leith, Scotland  

F.B.E Inspection on 8" & 12" line pipe. 

July 1985

Dunlop Oil & Marine Grimsby

Ultrasonic inspection on L.P. Vessel.

June 1985

British Pipe Coaters Ltd. Leith Scotland

F.B.E inspection on 24" line pipe.

Feb 1985 - June 1985

Spencer and Partners

Client’s representative, responsible for supervision of 6 inspectors during coating of 24" line pipe using coal tar and concrete. This work was carried out for J Brown Engineers and Contractors. 

Nov 1984 - Feb 1985

Nortest (Norway) Ltd

Clients representative responsible for 3 inspectors whilst coating 20" & 36" line pipe for ELF using CTE and concrete reporting directly to ELF. 

June 1984 - Sept 1984

Saddyiat Pipe Coaters, Abu Dhabi

Senior inspector responsible for coating of line pipe with CTE and concrete. Other activities included coating bends and field joints with neoprene and servitape. 

Feb 1984 - May 1984

Petro Marine Engineering, London

Client's representative, responsible for 3 Spanish inspectors. Additionally all documentation including final acceptance were included. Coal tar and concrete coating of 8" & 12" line pipe. Based in Bilbao Spain for ENIEPSA. 

1973 to 1984 Trained as a coating inspector with British Inspection Engineers, passed ERS coating inspector’s ticket (No 3480). Worked in UK, Europe, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates as an inspector both on and off shore.

Clients Representative in Nigeria for UIE, responsibilities included general inspection, testing, and Project data books. 

Employer References are available on request. 

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