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The Intertek Group having its Corporate Headquarters in London, England, is an international leader in the field of testing, inspection, certification of products and commodities, and quality systems.

It is made up of many wholly owned specialist companies situated around the world, and it is an organization committed to support and add value for its customers (Home page ref. ).

The origins of Intertek go back 123 years to the year 1885, and it has evolved from the combined growth of 15 innovative companies.

The Industrial Services Division ( )  which itself evolved from the combining of a number of independent companies having expertise in industrial inspection and testing (both electrical and mechanical), is now in its 59th year of operation.

Currently, Intertek has an extensive network of over 21,000 employees, working in 398 laboratories and 629 offices that span 110 countries located around the world.

We are independent of any industrial firms and have a rigorous compliance program to ensure that all our employees operate professionally and ethically.

Due to continued growth in all countries of the world, we are actively looking to expand our base of freelance (contract) & full time personnel.

Applications are therefore being sought for the following categories of personnel:

- Freelance Vendor Inspectors.
- Expediters.
- Pipemill Inspectors.
- QA Engineers.
- QA Project Coordinators.
- Lead Auditors (QMS & EMS).

- Electrical Inspectors

- AWS Certified Welding Inspectors or Senior Certified Welding Inspectors (for immediate work assignment in Japan commencing end May 2008).

We specifically need the above type of personnel (except for the AWS CWI) in the following countries:

-  Japan.

-  Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Albania and Poland.

-  Estonia , Latvia and Lithuania and other FSU countries.

-  Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman , Egypt and Jordan .

-  Scotland .

-  Central England .

-  Southern France .

-  Germany (Electrical Inspectors, and Mechanical Inspectors in the extreme north of Germany ).

-  Sweden , Norway , Finland and Denmark .

-  Serbia and Montenegro (ex-Yugoslavia).

-  South Africa.

-  Australia.

-  New Zealand.

-  Korea.

-  China.

-  Singapore.

-  Malaysia.  

The successful candidate(s) will have experience in the following disciplines:

- Mechanical (rotating machinery, e.g. compressors, turbines, pumps, etc.).
- Mechanical (static equipment, e.g. pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, fittings, etc.).
- Mechanical (others, e.g. valves, wellheads, etc.).
- Pipe mill.
- Electrical (e.g. generators, motors, switchgear, motor control centers, control panels, etc.).
- Instrumentation (e.g. DCIS systems, transducers, relays, etc.).
- Communication systems (e.g. SDH Multiplexers, etc.).
- Auditing.

All candidates should be at least Technical High School graduates with appropriate vocational training, and/or hold a Technical Diploma/Degree or equivalent from a recognized institution.

They shall also have at least five (5) years relevant Industry experience, be fully computer literate, have a good command of the English Language (both written and verbal, and comprehension), and be in sound health.

If interested, please complete the attached Inspector Qualification Form and send it to us together with your resume (CV) and copies of all technical education/qualifications by email to the following address:

To apply, 

Please complete the Inspector Qualification Form:  

Click here to download and SAVE the form to your computer  Inspector Qualification Form

Complete the form and send it to us together with your resume (CV) and copies of all technical education/qualifications by email to the following address:

Intertek Industrial Services, COI Eitai Building (2nd Floor), 2-31-1, Eitai, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0034, Japan

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