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Name : Derek Holmes      Nationality : British       Born : May 1948                

 Home Address : North Lincolnshire     Email:


Business Proprietor & Professional Manager combining real time experience with qualifications. Providing practical, cost effective assistance with Project Management, Technical Expediting, Witness Testing, Direct Measurement Inspection, Pre-Purchase/Pre-Shipment Inspection & Commercial Inspections. Current activities include providing witness mechanical testing of materials and equipment, mechanical inspection, expediting and commercial inspection services for clients worldwide. 

Education and Training 

King Edward V1 Grammar School, East Retford, Nottinghamshire 1959 – 1964
North Notts. Technical College, Worksop, Nottinghamshire 1967 – 1969
Technicians Course T2

Bechtel Global Supply Group certificate – Expeditor December 2007
Environmental Auditor Course 2001 – Linden Management UK
Diploma in Business Excellence 2000 – Newcastle College Co
Lead Assessor Course (ISO 9000) 1994 – Sheffield University - Certificate number S42494
Internal Quality Auditor Training 1992 – Mansfield College
Power Hydraulics & Fluidics 1990 – North Notts. Technical College

Member of the Chartered Management Institute
Membership number 0412121K
Fellow of the International Association of Quality Practitioners 1998
Membership number 300175
Institute of Works Managers – Part 2 1977 – 1978
Institute of Works Managers – Part 1 1976 – 1977
National Examination Board of Supervisory Studies 1975

Career Achievements

* Successfully implement changes within the company to ensure that ISO9OO1 approval was attained in 1987 (previously approved to BS5750 in 1984). Initiate setting up and development of Quality Circles and ultimately Quality Projects, significantly impacting on work activities and cost effective changes to company practice.

* Managed full Quality Assurance aspects of major turnkey projects for an Electrical Generating Authority as main contractor and sub-contractor, also £7.2m overseas contract accommodating multi-sourced equipment and supplies fully controlled and overseen by the Overseas Development Agency. 

* Conducted a study of ergonomics of materials handling and storage layout to maximise effective movement control of components for spares or work in progress, reducing operational costs by 14%.

* Develop changes to practice and materials to enhance packaging of products despatched overseas, effecting significant cost savings on labour and materials.

* Assisted successful development of technical manufacturing interchange with overseas collaboration projects, visiting production plants in India and Poland.

* Improve operational efficiency to reduce departmental costs against sales (Q. A. department) by 1.1% (annual budget of £0.5m – 45 staff)

* Reduced departmental costs against sales (Stores department) by 3.27%
(annual budget of £1m – 162 staff)

Inspection/Expediting experience:

Witness valve body hydrostatic testing, actuator assembly/calibration and function testing of valves (KentIntrol)
Witness hydrostatic testing, conduct final inspection and full document review of 36” dual plate check valves (Goodwin International)
Witness hydrostatic/gas/actuation testing of subsea heavy duty gate & needle valves (Oliver Valvetek)
Witness hydrostatic piece part tests, full operational testing of Safety Relief valves, including full document review (Broady Flow Control Valves)
Witness pressure testing and full performance tests of Emergency shut down valves, including full document review (Rotork Valves)
Witness full factory hydrostatic, air testing & PMI inspection of Gate/Ball/Globe Valves, including full documentation review (Shipham Valves)
Witness hydrostatic testing/functional testing and actuator calibration of valves (Severn Unival) 
Witness pressure testing of pressure platens (H P heater elements) 
Witness testing of refurbished Steam lift off valves prior to despatch (Mitsui Babcock)

Witness full hydrostatic testing, function testing, performance testing, including dynamic balancing of impellors, of circulation pumps (Flowserve)
Witness hydrostatic/hydraulic testing of water injection & booster pumps (Sulzer Pumps)
Witness full performance testing, including pre/post test component inspection of bearings and piston rod alignment of reciprocating compressors (Dresser Rand)

Turbine equipment:
Full contract package expediting of processes, inspection of main components, witness testing of Gas Turbine core engines, gas fuel systems, TCM units, full assembly string tests, full performance and mechanical testing of compressors and outsourced sub-contract assemblies for SGT400/SGT300SGT200 turbine units (Siemens Turbomachinery UK & Siemens Hengelo NV)
Witness stator balance/performance testing of Steam Turbine generators (Brush Electrical Machines)
Project expediting, witness hydrostatic testing of coils and FAT testing of WHRU equipment (Citech Waste Heat recovery Systems) 

Expedite, inspect, review NDT certification and conduct document review for Sphere receiver and Multiple Pig Launcher (Glapwell Contracting Services)
Conduct final inspection, witness operation and full document review of Bandlock2 closures (GD Engineering)
Witness hydrostatic testing of shell and full electrical simulation operation of seal gas heater and control panels (Heatex)
Fully expedite materials, witness hydro testing, weld inspection/NDT and conduct final inspection/witness export packaging on Multiple Pig Launcher (GD Engineering)
Inspect and conduct document review of Additive vessels (Portobello Fabrications)
Conduct final inspection – dimensional and galvanising coating of Blast Wall fabrications (Metaltreat)
Conduct final inspection and test operation, including full document review of pipeline closures (Pipeline Engineering Services)
Conduct final inspection/conduct full document review of Steam Pressure unit, including weld procedures & welder qualifications (Tema fabrications)
Expediting & inspection of alloy pipe-work & flanges for gland steam piping, including full doc. review of welder qualification certification (Shaw Group UK)
Expediting of crane equipment for refinery installation, including beam load testing and manual hoist load testing (J Barnsley Cranes)

General inspection:
Fully expedite, inspect, witness hydrostatic tests (up to 24 hour tests), vacuum testing, electrical continuity testing, adhesion testing and conduct full document review of LPG, Diesel hoses and off-shore hoses (Dunlop Oil & Marine)
Expediting/inspection of vane nozzles for turbine unit (Rolls Royce Power)
Inspect packaging of materials for despatch to contract specific conditions, including material type, lining, foil bagging, desiccants and protective coatings (IEP/Bampton Packaging)
Provide full technical inspection of table wear segments for Cement mills, including dimensional inspection, NDT, hardness, chemical/mechanical certification (Firth Rixson)
Witness mechanical testing -Tensile, charpy and hardness – HB & Rc (Special Testing Works/Testing Solutions)
Witness Factory Acceptance Tests, including logic testing and document review of refrigeration units for oil platforms (North Sea Ventilation)
Inspect structural steel beams, verify material analysis and witness removal of sample materials for testing laboratory (Rainham Steel)
Witness full factory acceptance testing of 4 platform cooling fan units and verify test data (Heerema – Hartlepool)
Witness full factory test on compressor units (RMI)
Expediting/Dimensional inspection and witness mechanical testing of special Destec material clamps (Noel Village) 
Witness hydraulic pressure testing at 2069barg of high pressure water cutting equipment.

Conduct full system assessments of companies on behalf of overseas government body for licensing of goods for import of goods from UK.

Inspect and provide certification of goods and materials prior to export to India.
In addition, working with companies to maximise their business systems to provide optimum business benefits with ISO9001:2000, integrate environmental system processes, site surveys and enhancing the internal activities by introducing Waste Reduction, Energy Efficiency and 5s practices to impact on “Bottom Line” figures and provide a datum reference point with regard to minimising potential environmental damage.
Using digital imaging to reduce the use of chemicals, waste and to complement environmental policies, to reduce my footprint and conserve the planet’s natural resources for future generations, used in conjunction with electronic media transmittal, providing the opportunity of bringing real time inspections and enhanced reports from site to the client.

Work History :

After training as a skilled, precision machinist (Jig Borer), and subsequent employment in a sub-contract machining environment, ultimately progressing into direct measurement inspection. Employed undertaking all elements of inspection functions, including material and heat treatment control, conducting and reporting to Board a feasibility study and implementation of an outside inspection facility for checking goods at manufacturing source, reducing handling, production rejects and manufacturing costs. 

A 3 year study course in Business Management and resulting certification culminated in promotion to a multi-function senior executive management role responsible for all elements of Quality Assurance, Inspection, Testing, Stores Management, Materials Handling, Export Packaging and Transport.

Initiate set-up of K.S. Services - 1984. To provide full services in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Expediting and Project Management facilities. Including full Q. A. system development and implementation, including pre-accreditation final assessments as an impartial independent body where required. Introducing and developing Environmental Systems & Waste Reduction to initiate awareness of environmental issues and impact improvement to practices and profit enhancement.
Providing complete packages of technical expediting, witness testing, full document review, direct measurement inspection & material control as part of major contract requirements. Undertaking technical/commercial inspection work, including pre-purchase/pre-shipment inspection, provision of photography where required. Utilising digital photography services as an integral part of facilities afforded to clients. 

Current - 
Quality/Inspection Management Specialist - Formed K.S. Services to provide full Quality Assurance and Quality Control facilities, Environmental and Waste Reduction, and all Inspection services – Technical Expediting, Direct Measurement functions, Witness Testing and Pre-shipment/Pre-purchase. 

1991 – 1994 - Material Status Manager - Dosco Overseas Engineering Limited
A Hawker Siddely, company £23m turnover, 800 + personnel. 
Manufacturers of sophisticated
Underground Tunnelling and
Material Handling Equipment
Responsibilities: Maintaining continuity of ISO9001 approval, Management of Quality Assurance, Inspection, Testing and Stores departments. Establish and maintain budgetary control, monitor outside sub-contract manufacturing base, including assisting suppliers to develop their own ISO 9000 systems on an ad-hoc help facility. Provide technical assistance to overseas collaboration manufacturing facilities, working in both India and Poland. Active Management participant in Trade Union negotiations.

1978 – 1991 - Chief Inspector - Dosco Overseas Engineering Limited
Responsibilities: Operational control of Quality Assurance and Inspection facilities. Full organisational responsibility of labour. Establish procedures for company ISO9000 approval.

1976 – 1978- Development Buyer - Dosco Overseas Engineering Limited
Responsibilities: Procurement of all components, (proprietary and technical detail drawn), for a wide range of development machinery, expediting equipment to maintain production schedules and assist with cost effective value analysis of manufacturing.

1974 – 1976 – Inspector - Dosco Overseas Engineering Limited
Responsibilities: Direct measurement inspection of components from small precision components to heavy machined castings both within Dosco and at source of machining, including material analysis testing, N.D.T. inspection (Dye penetrant/ M.P.I.)

1972 – 1974 - Horizontal Borer - Tay-Lin Engineering Limited
Responsibilities: Machining of variety of sub-contract parts for numerous customer’s to individual detail drawings in a medium to heavy manufacturing environment, both castings and fabrications.

1966 – 1972 - Jig Borer - Dormer Machine Tools Limited
Responsibilities: Precision machining of jigs, fixtures and special tools for group companies, after apprenticeship training in all aspects of tool-room and general mechanical engineering. 
Working offshore/overseas on repair maintenance and testing of all types of lifting Equipment chain blocks, winches, cranes etc. Carry out SI2307 inspection of lifting equipment offshore/overseas.

Employer References are available on request. 

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